Anti Aging

We all get older and yes fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and skin tages are part of our aging prosess.
A very natural process that we all have to deal with sooner or later.

Skin tags are genetically determined in our DNA while sunspots occur due to excessive sun exposure or skinburns in youth.
The aging process of a skin can be accelerated or strengthened by smoking, a poor diet or a shortage of vitamins. The skin remains firm due to the natural production of collagen. Unfortunately, this collagen production decreases from the age of 25 and even stops completely from the age of 50. This is one of the reasons that wrinkles occur.

Fortunately, the body’s own collagen production can be stimulated. There are various treatments to reduce, remove or weaken the aging symptoms.

Medical Skin Healing offers different kinds of anti aging treatments. Natascha Bijl, skin therapist and practice owner can explain to you about these treatments.

In “natural way” the skin is stimulated to make itself elastic again, the collagen production is stimulated and lines and wrinkles are filled by the body itself so the skin looks healthier, more vital and tighter.
Cryotherapy is used to remove sun spots and connective tissue bumps.
Peelings are used for skin improvement, fading pigmentation spots, improving vitality and stimulating an overall healthy skin.
To strengthen a treatment process you can choose to combine treatments.
It is also important to support the treatments by using the right skin care products. Think of the right day cream or vitamin rich serums.

All treatments are aimed at addressing the symptoms of aging from the outside, but what about our insides?
A poor diet, illness or vitamin deficiency can also be a major cause of accelerated aging.

That is why at Medical Skin Healing we now offer the possibility to not only tackle aging from the outside, but also from the inside.
Dietician and Epigenitis therapist Latoya Boele, specialized in the anti-aging process, indicates in three consultations how the aging process can be inhibited from within. She examines which foods can best be taken and avoided, which supplements support the anti-aging process and how and when you can best use them. For example, vitamin C stimulates the body’s own collagen production (and protects against the damage of UV radiation in the skin), ‘fast’ sugars can best be avoided and we can best eat a piece of dark chocolate every day! These are just a few examples, but there is much more!

Latoya is (by appointment) present on Thursdays at the Pastoriepad.