Electrolysis Permanent Hair Epilation

It involves a tiny needle, smaller than a hair, inserted into the hair follicle, which is hollow so you don’t feel discomfort. Then a small amount of diathermy, which feels like a small burst of heat is released into the follicle.

Each hair grows in a structure known as a hair follicle. The root of the hair sits at the base of this follicle. To destroy the growth the heat is created by the treatment at the root of the hair, by the insertion of a minute probe or needle into the follicle. Once it is in place, the current is activated. Do not be alarmed with the term ‘needle’. These are supplied in measurements ranging in thousandths of an inch, therefore can only just be seen by the naked eye.

The heat cauterizes the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair and separates the dead hair from its base. The hair is then gently removed.

It is highly suitable for both Men & Women!

Why Electrical Permanent Hair Epilation?

It enables:

  • Treatment  when laser/IPL is contraindicated.
  • Completion of laser/IPL treatments: treats stubborn regrowth.
  • Treating all body areas, skin colour, hair, hair sizes and shape.
  • Treatment of  light or white hairs and darker skin.
  • Treating hair not suited for laser IPL: (red, white, grey or very fine hair).
  • Treating areas contraindicated for laser or IPL.

This treatment requires a skilled therapist who can deliver an accurate, smooth insertion into the follicle. The treatment plan will be identified for the client’s individual needs.

Treatment is often recommended every 7 – 14 – days, but this will vary depending on the area and skin type.