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Medical Skin Healing, care and passion for you and your skin!
Our skin,- edema and laser practice  consists of and proffecional, experienced and qualified skin therapists.
We stand ready to achieve the most beautiful, natural skin results.


Welcome to the Medical Skin Healing website.

Medical Skin Healing stands for sustainability and high-quality care.
This is reflected in the organic products and all treatments with the most advanced equipment.

To provide the best possible care with the most
recent treatment techniques, a lot of training is followed and we have intensive cooperation and contracts with fellow therapists,
general practitioners, specialists and hospitals such as the Amsterdam MC.

Get personalized recommendation for your skin needs.

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We often work together with many other care disciplines such as general practitioners, dermatologists, (vascular) specialists, physiotherapists, community nursing and home care.
We are affiliated with:

Dutch Association of Skin Therapists
Paramedics Quality Register
SEMH recognized supplier
All health insurers

Dutch Association of Skin Therapists

The Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) is a professional association that represents the interests of skin therapists in the Netherlands. The NVH develops a quality policy, organizes refresher and further training projects for its members and is affiliated with the Paramedics Complaints Committee (KCP). In addition, the NVH is represented in the Paramedics Quality Register Foundation. A skin therapist has the option of being included in the Paramedics Quality Register. This records once whether a paramedic meets the training requirements of the BIG Act. A registration is then made every five years to determine whether a paramedic has up-to-date knowledge and experience. When the requirements set by the profession are met, the registered paramedic retains the quality registration. Source: website https://www. huidtherapie.nl/

Paramedics Quality Register

Transparency and transparency in health care are becoming increasingly important. Patients and clients are increasingly able to choose their own practitioners. The choice leads to a need for insight into the quality of practitioners. Who can a patient best go to for which treatment? In answering this question, the Paramedics Quality Register (KP) offers a solution through the individual quality mark. Source: website https://www. Kwaliteitsregisterparamedici.nl/